Chess League Rules

Schedule:  Games will take place once a week on Wednesday night at 8 P.M. Central Standard Time.  Matches will take place on these dates:  January 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12 , for the regular season, and the playoffs will occur on the 19th and 26th of March.

Season Length: 8 weeks of regular season games.  Draws will be counted as .5, while wins will count as 1, and losses as 0. Tiebreakers in ranking will be decided by overall points earned (by adding all individual scores throughout the season).

Playoffs: 2 weeks long with winner advancing.  In case of draw during playoff game tiebreaker will be decided with 5 min blitz game played by team captains.

Time Control: G30 with 2 second delay.  Clocks will start at 8PM sharp with no exceptions.

Rosters: Teams will consist of 4 four players with an allowable 2 substitutes.  Rosters must be turned into coordinator by the Sunday Night previous to the match.  Rosters cannot be changed once submitted and last minute requests can be denied by coordinator.  All eligible players must be currently enrolled in participating university chess team.

Team: there will be three sections U1900, U2200, and Open.  Teams will be arranged by average rating using the most up to date FIDE rating, or USCF rating (for the top 4 boards).  A University can register as many teams as they would like in different sections, and in same section but will have chance to play one another.  All players on a team must play in the same room. Also all teams and all players will use skype and screenshare during the match to discourage cheating.  Games will also be broadcasted live with Grandmaster commentary.

Cost: $200.00 per team with 25.00 per substitute.  So a team with 4 players and 2 subs would be $250.00 for a 10 week championship.

Rules: During game all normal tournament rules apply.  This includes no distracting noises, music, talking, and no cheating with chess engines, or other random materials.  These will result in automatic disqualification for the team.  Must be dressed appropriately, (nothing distracting) during skype game.

Prizes: The championship team will receive $400 worth of prizes.  They will receive championship rings and be crowned College Chess League Champions.  There will be one for each section as well as an MVP award for each section.  Each week we will award prizes for Top Game and Upset Award.  There is also a Most Improved Player award which has the most wins against higher rated opponents.

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